For more than 20 years, I have been working to provide my clients with satisfaction in the manufacture and fitting of aluminium joinery. It was around 10 years ago that minimalist joinery caught my attention. Since then, I have put all my energy and determination into Minimalist Systems©. My daily work as a manufacturer and installer has allowed me to learn what our clients and architects really expect from us: it’s about thinking beyond technology and envisaging the home as a space for living, for well-being, a place where the lines between interior and exterior melt away. I am not an engineer by training, I am just passionate about my work. What I thought would be a hurdle has been my greatest asset. Where there were logical constraints, I have been able to create unique solutions. The Minimalist Systems© concept is not simply about providing the least visible window. It’s an all-encompassing vision: fewer profiles while offering the maximum range of configurations, French-style finesse in the design and manufacture processes, extreme customisation with the insertion of leather, carbon or other materials according to your preference. In short, ecologically responsible production using 100% recyclable materials. I invite you to discover the Minimalist Systems© philosophy.


fixed // MS00
sliding // MS81
sliding // MS55
pivot // MS3.14


combination of glazing
tint and texture
powder coating and anodisation
unconventional options
personalised project
motorisation and locking
protection for your home